Cyber death and rebirth!

Your first visit to this blog? I encourage you to visit my old blog, soon to disappear into cyber wasteland, complements of Apple who is eliminating their web hosting service.  I have many thoughts about this, given I have many web sites through the MobileMe service Apple provided.  There is my photo web site, travel web site, a site to showcase, and occasionally sell, photo cards, a site for a friend’s art, and several more.  MobileMe, coupled with the software program iWeb, allowed people with creative, but not technological, inclinations to have a presence on the Internet, to share with family, friends, or the world at large their creativity.  It was an affordable ($100 a year) way for tens of thousands of small businesses to have a web site.  Those businesses are now scrambling to budget for new, and salvage old, web sites before their businesses disappear from the web. 

Apple computers are a good tool, I own one, and I enjoyed the web service Apple provided.  Like much in life, I had a vague belief there was a level of permanence to what I was creating.  I’m relieved to know, if not so happy about it, that although I spent hundreds of hours doing web designing, posted hundreds of photos, dozens of stories, family history, the beautiful art of a friend, it is all as transitory as life in the ‘real world’.  Even in the virtual, human created world of the Internet, there is a life cycle, an unpredictable end.  Here cyber space is behaving like Nature.  There is hope! 

So as I prepare for my ‘cyber death’ I do as many people do when preparing for death, take stock, evaluate, let go. What an amazing opportunity Apple has provided!

And I can create my own reincarnation here on Blogger!  Perhaps I should have called my blog “Reincarnation”, but that has probably been done already.

Welcome to my new cyber life!

Sunset across Admiralty Inlet – seemed an appropriate picture 
for the sun setting on my previous internet life!

Signs of Summer

Signs of summer, this first week of August! 

It’s here, it’s here!  Don’t blink – summer has arrived!  Breathe it in.  Our garden poppies are beginning to bloom, 6 weeks later than usual. Breathe it in. There were four species of butterflies floating and fluttering around the yard today. Breathe it in. The ducks and I sought shade as the thermometer hit 80 for a few hours!  Breathe it into your center, hold it, store it, the fire of summer, to be remembered in the winter months.

There is a scent in the woods, noticeable only when the air is warm. Difficult to describe, it is neither pungent, nor sweet, yet a combination of both.  It is not of one particular plant, but a blend of many, yet it is distinctive and consistent. Like many scents, it drifts and teases. It is wonderful.

A chipmunk sat in the old galvanized tub of strawberry plants, eating the first ripe strawberries.  The ducks and I ate the first ripe raspberries. The chipmunks are eating their share of those too.

A few brown spots in our very green lawn indicate the ground is drying from the sun’s heat. (I use the word ‘lawn’ loosely.  My computer’s dictionary defines lawn as “an area of short, mown grass in a yard, garden, or park.”  Ours is defined by whatever-happens-to-be-growing in the area we mow and designate as yard, as opposed to woods.)

Like a beloved friend, a charming guest, who is forgiven when they arrive late because their presence is so appreciated and enjoyed, so it is with this August arrival of summer.

We welcomed summer in last weekend at Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park.
Protected areas of the beach were bright with wildflowers, including one of my favorites,
Pearly Everlasting.