Cyber death and rebirth!

Your first visit to this blog? I encourage you to visit my old blog, soon to disappear into cyber wasteland, complements of Apple who is eliminating their web hosting service.  I have many thoughts about this, given I have many web sites through the MobileMe service Apple provided.  There is my photo web site, travel web site, a site to showcase, and occasionally sell, photo cards, a site for a friend’s art, and several more.  MobileMe, coupled with the software program iWeb, allowed people with creative, but not technological, inclinations to have a presence on the Internet, to share with family, friends, or the world at large their creativity.  It was an affordable ($100 a year) way for tens of thousands of small businesses to have a web site.  Those businesses are now scrambling to budget for new, and salvage old, web sites before their businesses disappear from the web. 

Apple computers are a good tool, I own one, and I enjoyed the web service Apple provided.  Like much in life, I had a vague belief there was a level of permanence to what I was creating.  I’m relieved to know, if not so happy about it, that although I spent hundreds of hours doing web designing, posted hundreds of photos, dozens of stories, family history, the beautiful art of a friend, it is all as transitory as life in the ‘real world’.  Even in the virtual, human created world of the Internet, there is a life cycle, an unpredictable end.  Here cyber space is behaving like Nature.  There is hope! 

So as I prepare for my ‘cyber death’ I do as many people do when preparing for death, take stock, evaluate, let go. What an amazing opportunity Apple has provided!

And I can create my own reincarnation here on Blogger!  Perhaps I should have called my blog “Reincarnation”, but that has probably been done already.

Welcome to my new cyber life!

Sunset across Admiralty Inlet – seemed an appropriate picture 
for the sun setting on my previous internet life!

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