Life & the Beauty of Nature, According to Earl Pickles

Needing more humor in my life, I have in my inbox every morning a selection of carefully chosen favorite comics, my own ‘funny papers’, from  Included, and the favorite of the favorites for both Mike and I, is ‘Pickles’, about an aging married couple who share their life experiences, life philosophy and wit with their young grandchild.  Gee whiz, wonder why we like it so much!  We don’t have a grandchild, perhaps if we did I would not have a need to share my own life reflections on a blog.  Does that make you, the reader, my grandchild substitutes.  Hmmmmm…

Anyway, this morning Earl Pickles pretty much summed up my life and spiritual journey. There isn’t much more to write……for now.  It is a day of sun. As it reflects on the rainbow of leaves on the Red Osier Dogwood, which after yesterday’s wind storm is sparsely populated by well spaced leaves, it is one of those days when “we get to see the beauty of God’s creations.”  There is snow in the forecast.

May need to share more of
Earl & Opal now and then! 

Here is the back story of Pickles, from Wikipedia:
“….. comic strip by Brian Crane focusing on a retired couple in their seventies, Earl and Opal Pickles. Inspired by Crane’s in-laws, they find retirement life less than idyllic. The comic is set in Crane’s hometown of Sparks, Nevada. The cast includes their dog Roscoe and their cat Muffin; their grandson Nelson Wolfe and his parents – their daughter Sylvia and her husband Dan, a wildlife photographer. Pickles has been published since 1990. In 2001, it was named best newspaper comic strip of the year by the National Cartoonists Society.”