Slow down…

This photo has nothing to do with this post, except it shows the slow, transforming power of Nature, as the ocean carves these 'sea stacks' at Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park

As I posted my thoughts about trees falling, and falling trees, I reflect on how incredibly boring this topic, and no doubt many of my posts, would be to the majority of people in our urban, fast paced society.  A whole blog entry on trees falling down! Get a life lady!  My blog certainly does not follow the ‘rules’ for keeping a blog interesting – be clever, fast paced, contemporary.  There are of course wonderful blogs full of philosophical, even spiritual sentiment and positive guidance.  I hint at such in some of my posts.
Perhaps my slow blog, (should I start a ‘slow blog’ movement?), moving at the pace Nature often moves here in the Northwest (think slugs, snails, big trees,mountains, though some of them move quite speedily when erupting!) might slow down a few readers. If I put people to sleep that would be a great service as insomnia reaches epidemic status!  
If slow is not your thing, think about this, in Nature life forms which go, or grow, slow – giant tortoises, elephants, Redwoods, Spruce, even our Douglas Firs – will out live us, and most everything else.  Obviously not all in Nature is slow – gazelles, waterfalls, bamboo, move or grow quite accelerated! But we’re talking slow here.
To create what we want requires focus and intent.  In order to eliminate something in our personal lives or as a society we need to turn our attention, thus our energy, away from it.  Our energy, or life force, is designed to nurture and create.  Continually staying focused on, and pushing against, what we want to bring an end to nurtures it.  Seems counter productive doesn’t it?  Right now in the world many well intended and energized people are not creating the future, but are engaging, and thus buttressing, the status quo.
Psychologists, philosophers and spiritualist alike have expounded upon this truth. It has come down through time.  I humbly subscribe to it, having seen it work in both the grand scheme and my own little life.  
So I offer up small, anecdotal reflections and stories about Nature, for it is my simple but steady way of staying focused on what I believe is a powerful antidote to the stress and troubles we all face.  Reconnecting to the slow, healing power of Nature, drawing from it substance to nurture and create our future as individuals and as a society shows wisdom. Nature offers us lightness and teaches us humbleness, it shows us when to slow down like a tortoise, when to take action like a gazelle.  We must first slow down to allow ourselves to be in its presence.
Are you falling asleep yet?  Good-night!

2 thoughts on “Slow down…

  1. Unfortunately Mr. Squirrel does not appear in the iPad version of the blog……determined looking little fella isn’t he, or she. It was certainly doing its own wandering, with purpose, and a mouthful of mushroom which was deposited in the wood pile before checking me out!

    By the way, I couldn’t sleep last night…..I’ll have to try the the elephant and turtle visions myself! :o)


  2. This post on slowing down is so very profound. I read it too fast when you first posted it. I re-read it today more slowly and am thankful I did. It is probably the secret to a long life and if not long, then a way better quality of life which is so much more important.
    When I can’t sleep, I will start visioning elephants and turtles walking around in their natural habitat.
    Thanks for the musing.
    By the way, I just noticed the little squirrel peering out from the logs on your header picture. Very cute.


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