The Big Harvest

six different veggies & flowers for the table, a harvest to share!

The definition of  the word harvest includes the phrase, “the season’s yield”.  This brings to mind philosophical thoughts, such as – what are the yields of the seasons of our lives?  This morning I enjoyed a tiny harvest from our small garden. For those with big gardens, lots of sun, great soil, and able bodies, eating out of the garden and having a bountiful harvest is part of everyday life throughout the summer and fall, the harvest seasons.  My physical challenges, and our solar challenged site, make our few beds, (raised for easier accessibility) of compost and store-bought soil to augment our ‘native’ clay, produce far less than the gardens of my dreams. However, this morning was no less joyous when I harvested enough veggies to make dinner for company.

One of life’s most essential lessons is to appreciate the gifts we receive, even when things don’t turn out as we’d planned…..or hoped for.  I have learned this lesson many times, at each turn in the journey that went a different direction than expected.  The dreams of my youth included living on a farm; the dreams of my young adulthood included self-sufficiency, with plenty to share. The reality of my ‘mature’ years is a small little plot to enjoy the thrill of eating a carrot freshly pulled and peas just picked.

This may be my ‘big harvest’, the only meal all season made entirely from the yield of our garden, (usually supplementation from local organic farms is needed), but for this one meal, this one day, I feel blessed with abundance and taste the satisfaction of my dreams being fulfilled…..with enough to share.

May your harvest be plentiful!

Footnote: So what’s on the menu with this gathering of veggies?  Quinoa with chopped carrots, beets and zucchini, cooked with spices and served with a tahini sauce;  steamed beet greens; and salad.  Also from the garden will be chives to garnish the quinoa dish, nasturtiums to add more color and pizzazz to the salad, mint and lemon balm tea.

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