IMG_0174I am in shock, as anyone would be.  The road looks dark ahead of me. I do not know if there is light at the end, I hope so. This is very difficult for Mike, as you all can imagine, or know from first hand experience.

I have breast cancer, I just had that confirmed. I see an oncologist this afternoon. I do not know what I will do, or how to make those decision. Everyone’s lives are so full right now, I know there will be prayers of support, if anyone can offer more please let us know. I have to manage my mom’s live in Edmonds where she lives in a facility for people with Alzheimer’s. Mike has to keep working when he can to pay our bills. There was no room for cancer in our lives…..there never is in anyone’s lives.

Not wanting to make this blog about cancer, or cancer treatments, etc. I am not sure what I will write about, or if I will keep my blog up.  I hope the joys and comforts of Nature will still be in my life, it has always been my life blood.  Whether I will write much about it I am not sure. Writing is good therapy and sharing can be useful, maybe I will gain some insights to help others, maybe I will just write of a little bird outside my window.  Readers ‘signed’ on for stories and inspiration about Nature.

I will see what I write, if it is worthy of sharing, I can not ‘unsubscribe’ anyone, but you can unsubscribe yourself.

Because I have do have many good friends who read my posts here, I may continue to just share my journey.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this.



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  1. thank you to all who have comment, and sent emails, for your loving support and for encouraging me to write. Not sure what I will write, this is a journey I am not happy to be on, it’s been a loooong week of appointments and emotions, learning, changing beliefs about treatments and healing. Also a week of many blessings.
    Namaste to you all


  2. Penny Jo, Life will go on. Do not stop your communications to me. I put it that way because even I know that it goes out to many other readers you make me feel that you are talking to me. I would miss not hearing from you.
    You can beat this. Love.
    Your cousin,


  3. I hope you will continue to write.
    It’s not only helpful to you, but to those of us who care about you and
    want to know what you are dealing with.


  4. Penney, sweet beautiful darling dear, please do not stop writing. Your words offer not only wisdom to all of us, but your own reflections and hopes. If there was one reason in the world for you to get cancer, I would say this would be it, to document from your eloquent and unique perspective the reality that is there for others to learn from.
    You are so strong Penney, even though you’ve been challenged to your wits end and physically tested to the limits, you are stronger than you think and I have faith you will make it through this. I am writing you a personal email as well, but had to write here that at least I would truly love to continue to read your insights on your blog, and I’m sure I speak for others as well.
    Blessings of love, light, and healing.


  5. I am so sorry to hear this news and I am honored that you are sharing it with us. I think sharing this journey with us will help you (and us) and we do want to be there to listen or do whatever we can to help.

    I just saw a wonderful piece on television on the Susan G. Comen for the Cure http://ww5.komen.org They are a whole sisterhood of other women going through what you now are and might be a good organization to connect with. I’m sure they will be helpful in what to do next.

    Please keep blogging and let us be part of your life. We’re all here for you.

    Susie Egan


  6. Oh Penney! I am so sorry to hear this! I can’t even imagine all that is going through your head and the state of overwhelm. I hope that you can somehow eek out as much time in nature as possible. It is definitely your place.

    I am sending light and love to you. Jody

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  7. Keep sharing Penney, pen to paper is good for the soul. Our prayers and support are with you and Mike now, and always
    Love, MaryPat


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