A Pause in the Dance

The outcome of  seeing the radiation doctor yesterday was rather stunning, literally.

Not sure whether I should celebrate or freak out. I came home and made soup. I needed comfort.

(Did you know I had a “recipe” page? So far just soups on it, will add more as the food muse moves me.  Last night’s: Tahini Cauliflower.)


Created by my friend Phoebe, this delightful sphere showing the 5 elements sits outside my window & reminds me of the healing power of Nature.

I was ‘rejected’ by the radiation doc. A very thorough, nice guy, he thought the risks of radiation to my body were greater than to most. If I twisted his arm, or found another doctor, I could still get it.  Strange how this left me feeling both relieved and abandoned.  I thought he would be convincing me it would be ok, I would do fine, etc.   That leaves Tomoxifen from the allopathic treatment point of view, which I do not want to take, I thought radiation a better choice, but I respect his reasoning, he was referred by both surgeon & oncologist as a very good doctor. Not going to seek out another doctor.  He said he has told maybe 10 women out of a 1000 or so he has treated in 20 yrs.  I figure there’s a reason I was to hear it.

IMG_5523Not sure what’s next.  Need time to think, or maybe not think, though that’s always a challenge for me!

Some well researched ‘alternatives’ to hormone drugs that help the body metabolize estrogen seem to be giving me side affects. Another option ‘down the tube’.

Will be using Ayurveda and Naturopathic remedies to help build the immune system as I wait and see what the next step in the dance is going to be.

Thank you all. Continued prayers, good thoughts and good vibes always appreciated.  I pass them back to those in need of their own healing, and pass them on to those with their own challenges. ♥

(pardon the oddity of this post, it is meant only to be a follow-up to yesterday’s, not a witty creative writing piece! :o)  Hopefully you enjoyed the pictures and clicked to get my delicious soup recipe!)

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  1. Gosh, that was a surprise…hearing what the radiation Dr had to say!
    What a process all of this is.
    The soup recipe sounds really good!
    Continued good thoughts being sent your way each day, my friend,


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