International Women’s Day

There no doubt will be many blog posts and articles written today about the state of women throughout the world. It ain’t easy being a woman in so many ways, and in so many places, but the world, and my life, is full of awesome, remarkable women of all ages and in all places. I share my facebook post for the day with my blog readers……for all the amazing women of my life! (As for the men among my readers, I know you have raised remarkable daughters, loved extraordinary women, appreciate your own ‘inner female’!)

International Woman’s Day…..To my woman friends, nieces, soul sisters, sister-in-laws, cousins……celebrate yourselves today!

womenYep, this is one of my doodle girls. I have a series of cartoonish character’s, doodling seems to be the upper limit of my artist talents, I’ve come to accept that! :o)  For more doodles you can check out my Doodle Page!

To read something a little more ‘substantial’ about International Women’s Day check out last year’s post. International Women’s Day, 2012

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