Wanted to share this little gem with blog readers (especially those smart enough to stay off Facebook, where I have also posted it!)

turkey block

While cleaning out mom’s house I found this linoleum block carved by my dad in 1959. Dad went through a ‘phase’ of hand printing cards on the old letterpress printer he bought and kept in the garage. Apparently this is the only one of his hand carved blocks he kept.

One aspect of letterpress printing is allowing each card to dry. One Christmas he made a complicated, multi-block design, a stain glass window with Mary & Joseph. Each individual color required its own block, and the ink of that color had to dry before printing the next. We had cards drying all over the basement floor and the cards went out in January! Dad, who in his ‘retirement’ years had a small printing business, had a computer before any of his ‘kids’.  I think he’d be happy to see how computer graphics can transform his block into cards today, and he would especially appreciate not having to lay the cards around on the floor for the ink to dry!

Dad, who died in his late 70s, would have been 94 Monday, November 25, also Mom and Dad’s 70th wedding anniversary. They were married Thanksgiving Day at relatives in Boston. Dad had time off after his graduation the day before from Midshipmen’s School in New York. Mom took a train from Seattle to Boston to be married……but that’s another story!

May your Thanksgiving be full of blessings, love and sharing with family and friends, and fond memories of Thanksgivings past.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you Penney, and Michael too. My dear friend, Woody Dennis, used to do lino cuts too before he passed away.


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