Camas in Port Townsend

This is National Wildflower Week. I encourage you to find a bit of woods, a park, any place Nature has been left to its own accord, and enjoy the wildflowers of the region where you live, for only by enjoying and falling in love with them will we be motivated to protect them. My own life has been consumed by the care needs of Mom, who has had a difficult month, needing to be moved, and who is trying to make sense out of the world, her life, and her new home as her brain continues to confuse and trick her through the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. It is a horrible process, causing her, and myself, stress, frustration, and for me, sadness and grief. Other than the road and ferry to Edmonds, or the road to my own doctor appointments, or vet visits with a sick dog, I don’t get out much to be in Nature.  But in this magical season of Nature’s unfoldment, it is hard not to notice, especially when home here in the woods, the color everywhere, even along the roadsides. Here in the NW woods pinkish lavender Wild Bleeding Hearts and tiny white blooms of Miner’s Lettuce provide a fairyland carpet, with islands of False Lily-of-the Valley, Vanilla Leaf, and bright yellow of stocks of Oregon Grape blooms poking up to form a second layer of color.  Hot pink Salmonberry blossoms attract the hummingbirds, and clusters of white Elderberry blooms attract the bees. Bitter Cherry trees provide blooming white clouds above it all.  And there is more to come!

Often subtle and small, sometimes showy and vivid, Mother Nature’s bouquet of blooms provide healing for the soul, the promise of a new season, no matter what our human challenges are.

Wild Bleeding Heart

Wild Bleeding Heart

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Vanilla Leaf, also called Deer's Foot

Vanilla Leaf, also called Deer’s Foot