Life circumstances, mostly my mom’s growing care needs over the past few months, have kept me from even thinking very creatively, let alone finding time to write.  But as with most families, as one generation’s story reaches its final chapter, younger generations are beginning new journeys and creating new stories.

My two oldest nieces, Katina and Kira, both chose this month to marry their sweethearts, and since many of the readers of this blog are family and good friends, this mini post is to share a page of photos from Katina & Daniel’s wedding. If you are so inclined, you may enjoy this joyous occasion through the eyes of one devoted Aunty, me, by clicking the link below.

 Mercandante’s Wedding Celebration.


10446637_10202192226267779_5104555424149590081_nThe next celebration is Kira (pictured here at her cousin’s wedding) and Carlos’s wedding this coming Friday, which, sadly Mike and I will not be attending, but she and her husband will be celebrating again in Washington come September and we look forward to sharing that time with them, their families and friends.

Unabashedly delighted and proud to see the remarkable young women my nieces have grown to become, and like anyone who wants only the best life has to offer the young people they love and care about, I’m overjoyed they each are marrying men who love and respect them and treasure their uniqueness.

I hope to write again soon and share some thoughts inspired by Nature’s beauty as we were able to experience it on our trip to Katina’s wedding, spending time in the Redwoods, and on the Rogue River.

Thank you for indulging my Auntiness.