IMG_0414_2It’s Christmas Eve morning and all through the house, many creatures are stirring…..

Especially the mouse in the ceiling over my bed.

Abby is snoring, as is Mike, but I’m awake with a Christmas cold, and it’s a fright.

Out in the road there rose such noise, it broke the night stillness with swishes and pops, the sound of cars and trucks headed to work and the mall.

But the stillness prevails, and the woods stand still,

Bleak winter gray light barely coming over the hill.

It is, after all, the holiest of days, a time to sing Ava Maria and Silent Night,

I sink back into bed, the mice settle down, I’m not going to town with this cough, it’s not right.

So I wish you all joy and Christmas delight

But most of all wishes for a peaceful Christmas Eve night.

IMG_0382Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Apologies for my non-rhyming poem. Getting sick at Christmas, surgery recovery, needing to be in Seattle for physical therapy, too sick to go, missing Mom this Christmas, looking forward to Christmas with my “Whidbey/L.A.” family, hoping I’m better by morn, thinking of loved ones struggling this holiday time……all weigh heavy on me as this magic day of Christmas Eve unfolds.  It will, I pray, wash away my dark humor and woes, as I hope it will any troubles of yours.  (Did I mention the dog was sort of sick?)

I’ve written more thoughtful holiday posts……check out some from seasons past…. 

Oh Tannebaum!A Chaplins Christmas MessageThe Turlte and The StarSeasonal ReflectionsEvergreen Ever Growing

See you next year!


Abby gets pretty bored with family picture taking.

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