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dsc01410This week-after the election I notice many friends are taking social media sabbaticals. Though there may be shared feelings of grief, disappointment, and uncertainty, everyone copes with these feelings differently and it can be hard to absorb other people’s thoughts, reactions, and feelings, and reading all the pundits predictions can be overwhelming.  There is a range of emotions – fears of doomsday, rallying cries of revolution, and, at the other end, those who say move on, it will all work out. None of these sentiments fit everyone. Perhaps none fit you. Or maybe they all do.

I fall somewhere in between revolution and moving on and that’s a big space to fall into!  We no doubt, at the very least, need a major change of the old guard in both our governing and election systems. To me personally revolution sounds exhausting and I have little energy for it. We are a society so polarized at this time, hopes of transition without people getting hurt in some way seems dubious, something important to my concept of revolution and transition.

dsc01515Moving on in our lives is most important – there are jobs to go to, families to care for, gardens to tend, births, deaths, weddings, education to be had, services to provide for others, all more important to expend our energies on than fear and anger. Most important, there is looking out for one another as the months unfold and uncertainties manifest.



Below is a favorite poem that came to mind the night of the election.


This poem, especially in the last verse, speaks to the need to keep on creating, keep on learning, to keep ourselves engaged regardless of circumstances, especially when faced with unknowns, when the winds of change around us seem threatening.

made with old spices and powdered herbs, of which I have many so this is likely the first of a new experiment!

made with old spices and powdered herbs, of which I have many, this is likely the first of a new experiment!

To that end I hope to create a mandala (my latest creative outlet) every day, at least several times a week, until the end of the year, perhaps beyond. With less floral and herbal materials available this time of year, they may be made of other materials, but my mandalas are not meant to be permanent. Mandalas have been used throughout history and in most cultures for meditations, for healing, for rituals, for many purposes. For me they remind me to focus on what is front me, whether a creative project, a mundane task, a person needing to be heard or cared for, my own self care.  And they remind me everything is transitory.  I create them and within hours they have changed, blown away, shriveled up, been made into tea, or gone off to the compost pile! They keep me connected to Nature and my love of aesthetics, life lines for me, and provide a way to share those connections with others. I’ll be sharing them on Instagram, some on Facebook, and they will all appear on the mandala page on this blog.

img_6282I encourage you to identify ways to keep on keeping on, letting your muse, your heart, and your curiosity keep you focused on what’s important in your life.  It may seem obvious, but in moments of fear, anger, uncertainty, it is good to have consciously made a choice on how you will step out of those emotions, or express them in a way that is helpful.

Based on life experiences, I’m a proponent of the concept that we bring about what we focus our energy on, and it is often a challenge to focus on what we want when distracted by the needs and emotions of others, especially if you are an emphatic. Creativity can be a place to center a distracted, scattered mind. Perhaps it will work for you. Another favorite re-focus strategy is hanging out with and caring for children.  My life isn’t blessed with them right now, not on a daily basis, but for many of you, children, grandchildren, friend’s children, are a constant reminder to stay in the present moment, and to play!

Collectively we can create a society of caring and inclusion, one that honors others and Nature, by applying our energies in our individual lives in the direction we want our country to go.

Remember, when the mind and heart gets fearful ~ “Each note of your flute, each word of your song, can drive out the sound.”

Post Script:

at the beach

at the beach

Sharing also a link to an essay by Charles Einstein, an excellent writer, able to express a “bigger picture” understanding of world events and people.  I found many of his thoughts similar to my own, only better organized and articulated.  Perhaps you will appreciate it too.


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  1. Thank you, PJ, for the beautiful mandalas of Fall, and for your thoughts. Staying centered on the daily tasks and on the Great Ones is possibly our only antidote to the cold winds of fear.

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