Begonia preparing for winter, primrose in spring mode, and hardy little fever few keeping on!

Begonia preparing for winter, primrose in spring mode, and hardy little fever few keeping on!

It’s the time of year to count our blessings, and to all who read my blog posts, you are among my blessings! You provide me a reason to put into words thoughts and inspirations, to share photos and tidbits of information about this and that. Such sharing is important to me, writing is important to my muse, and I hope, now and then, it is of value to you. Thank you!

Perhaps like many of you, I have been riding an emotional roller coaster the past few weeks, each news story deepening my concerns and fears for many people. Part of my coping is to limit news, (easy since I’ve also been coping with chronic headaches and dizziness, making it hard to read) and to make and share a mandala a day. Yup, I mentioned in last week’s blog I was going to do this and so far I have!  If you would like to see my mandalas, besides Facebook & Instagram, I post them here: mandalas. This has helped me focus my thoughts on the beauty of Nature, the satisfaction of design, and the joy of sharing with others a bit of visual pleasure.

we-stand-with-youYesterday’s mandala was made specifically for a hashtag on Instagram, #artistsforlove, a call for solidarity among artists to support all those feeling fear due to the future administration’s agenda of exclusion and bigotry toward many groups of people. (For those unfamiliar with Instgram, hashtags are a way of grouping similar posts from many people, i.e. by writing #artistsforlove under my post, it automatically posts to a group of pictures posted by other artists with the same intent).  I also purchased, on Amazon, wool blankets and socks to be sent to the Water Protectors in North Dakota, where medics are treating many people sprayed with pepper gas and water during sub-freezing temperatures Sunday night, and shot with rubber bullets. (If you would like to donate, there is a list of needs and were to send in this article: Truthout)


have a spicy Thanksgiving! 😉

As we enter the holiday season, beginning with tomorrow’s celebration of gratitude and abundance, a time to count our blessings, it also seems a good time to assess our priorities and values. What is important to us?  What, and who, are we willing to support and how can we do so? Even very small gestures like those above help someone, somewhere. And they helped me to feel less powerless. When we feel powerless we give someone else our right to be who we are, regardless of outer circumstances. As an aging Caucasian woman with health issues, living in the woods, far from cities and neighborhoods where people of different religions, skin color, and ethnic backgrounds are scared, scared for their children, scared for their lives – what can I do? If we look, there are always small ways to help – letters, phone calls, goods and gifts, donations, prayers, sharing with others what you do to inspire them to do similar acts. You might want to rethink your holiday shopping and gift giving based on your current assessment of your values and priorities.  There has been a shift, a change, and it is time to shift and change how we live our lives and how we (even us recluses in the woods!) are involved with others.   It is a time not just for good intentions, but for good actions.

People anticipate funds will be cut for many services and resources that help people, our state may lose funds for refusing to follow a policy of exclusion, environmental organizations will have extra battles to fight to protect lands, parks, species. The list goes on, and only as time goes on will we see what happens when those in “power” take actions that do not reflect our values.

I know I ‘preach to the choir‘, as most of you have already realized the importance of supporting and helping others. Thank you for what you’ve done, I hope it helps you feel less powerless. I’d love to hear in the comments below your stories of decisions you’ve made on how to make a difference, how to support what and who is important to you.

Let the news inspire you to take action, not ” steal” your peace, your power…….and most of all, do not let it steal the joy of the holidays!

still some color on the ground!

Many blessings for Thanksgiving, may it be filled with joy and love from family, friends, or if a quiet time for you, feelings of gratitude and peace! ❤

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  1. Lovely encouragement dear Penney:
    In our small town, our local independent bookstore has begun its annual “Books for Tots.” Cliff & I enjoy looking through the books programs from “early intervention” through high school have requested & our Back of Beyond Bookstore has purchased. It’s great fun to browse through hundreds of selections before making our purchases. We have started to read aloud the “gratitudes” we have each written every night since last Thanksgiving – a way to savor (just) 720 of the blessings this last year!
    Your posts are a blessing. Much love coming from southern Utah!

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  2. Great post, PJ! Since you asked…as you know, my passion is helping protect Mother Nature, but supporting women’s health and local news organizations were also big on my action list. Plus, I consciously made a point of saying hello or at least smiling to strangers I encountered. I think we all could use a little extra loving right about now.

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