Happy New Year from my muse!

Happy New Year!

img_6768Water holding fire, stones & blooms, with little birds & evergreens, usher out the old and welcome in the new.

15823007_10208383395523141_4978219945121430358_nWhen I shared a favorite poem in a post after the election, I was inspired by its message: those who survive difficult times keep active learning, creating, writing, playing music, sharing conversation. (poem re-posted below)

With the goal of making a mandala ‘almost’ every day til the end of the year, I made 41 mandalas and 8 angels in 50 days. Some days it was a challenge.  There were several weeks of “sick days” with the winter “bug” going around, and 20-30 degree days in our old funky, hard to heat house that left me less than inspired, but my muse persevered.


Such simple acts of creative expression and reflection, with Nature to inspire, can help focus in the moment, focus on the gifts and beauty around us. I recommend you let your own muse shine in 2017, in whatever ways you are inspired!

Not sure where my muse will take me next!





2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from my muse!

  1. Oh my, Penney:
    Such beauty & wisdom & loving encouragement. You are a treasured friend.
    May the New Year be rich with blessings.


  2. thank you for all the artwork and calendar  Happy New Year to you and Mike. Love carolynn Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® 6, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


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