As we dip into the 20s again, I went out to gather bits for a mandala.  After last week’s temperatures in the teens, there are still masses of hardy violet leaves, green and bright, even a few purple buds (two broke off at the base where the ground froze).  The plants look like they think spring has arrived!

I’m always impressed by the tenacity of Nature and these violet leaves are a wonderful example, remaining green as everything around them turned brown under a thin layer of icy snow in below freezing temperatures.

A sage plant has some browning, but hanging in there,  leaves still soft fuzzy green, and of course there’s the conifers, including big Douglas firs (who lost branches in last night’s wind storm) who keep the woods ever-green! The needles I gathered today are going into finishing salt.

Little geranium blossoms greet me from the back window sill every day from a jar where I crammed plant cuttings on a cold day in early December, before the first big chill. Gathering together potted geraniums to put inside, I attempted to dig and pot up a plant growing in a raised bed, only to discover it already had rotten roots. The leaves of the cuttings all turned brown, dried, and fell off, but quickly there were new roots,  new leaves, then tiny clusters of cheery red-orange flowers blooming. Survivors.

img_6871Together my little collection of survivors make up my mandala today.

Now for some sage and violet tea!

(Note: this post was an experiment in posting via a WordPress app on my iPad, using photos taken by iPad camera. Not so pleased with quality of photos, nor limited options posting through the app. Experiment and learn, eh? )

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  1. Finishing salts are just salt used to enhance the flavor of a food, can be fancy type of salt, or a salt that has been infused with the favors of herbs, spices, dried fruit, etc. I plan to use fresh lemon jest and fir needles, though new grow fir in spring and summer has more flavor. The needles need to be very very well ground. Yesterday I made some butter cookies with ground for needles.


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