Sleep, perchance to dream!

Over the years I’ve been asked by people what I do for sleeplessness, as I have lived with insomnia most of my life.  A recent request motivated me to write my thoughts and suggestions. Too long for a blog post, and knowing not everyone wants to read about insomnia, I made it a web page. If you are interested in my suggestions and some of what I’ve learned about sleep, you can read my article here:

Autumn is a time of transition, in Ayurveda it is the Vata season of the year, the elements of wind and ether are dominate. Insomnia is a Vata condition and often people find sleeplessness more common in Autumn, so perhaps it is a good time to write of this.

Happy Autumn Equinox!

3 thoughts on “Sleep, perchance to dream!

  1. Thank you Penney, for sharing your insight on insomnia. I’ve always gotten by with 5-6 hrs sleep, but now I feel I need a bit more. I think one of the best pieces of advice is to eat your big meal by 2 pm. And, because of tinittis, I do have to fall asleep to “noise” for distraction. I just need to change that “noise” from Rachel Maddow to nice classical music. (haha) I hope you and Michael are doing good and doing some nice nature camping with your doggie. Best wishes for a good night’s sleep and pleasant dreams. Laura


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  2. Thank you PJ. Love the photo of Abby and Mike sleeping. When I was married to Bob I slept like a baby. He had terrible insomnia and was very envious of me. But as you know now I suffer from it too. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions. And sweet dreams tonight. Love Carolynn

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