Nature’s way & a few mandalas!

IMG_0110We humans make much of changing seasons, dividing life cycles into tidy quarters, twelfths, etc. It’s understandable. Dependent on Nature, people have always strived to understand Nature’s transitions, to find order & predictability. Nature’s seasons are more a river whose waters bubble, divert and twirl even while moving predictably in one direction. Water sidetracks into eddies, reversing direction; some into calm pools, resting, taking its time; some rushes predictably, down stream and over cascades. Weather, water and plants challenge our need for predictability in life. Maverick plants bloom “early” or “out of season”, we have a Rhododendron that often blooms a single blossom in September, months after other blooms on the plant have died. Roses love to do this (thus the story of the Christmas rose.) Primulas bloom in early spring, yet the soft yellow one shown above brightens a gray December day with many blooms, joining red winter berries & evergreens. Early? Out of season? To the plant the time is just right! 💚

Nature, like life, is not so predictable!

Enjoy the coming winter solstice!

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Snow berries brighten winter woods along with a variety of red berries.


4 thoughts on “Nature’s way & a few mandalas!

  1. Beautiful mandalas.
    Maybe you could make them into greeting cards and/or small puzzles and sell them. They would make the most beautiful holiday cards.
    Thanks too for the wise words.
    ps. Hi to Michael

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  2. I was just reading an article that  said it’s so beneficial health wise to be surrounded by plants in the home as well as outside. I had to leave all my plants behind when I moved. But I have since got replacements. I have a Christmas cactus, small orchid ,  small bamboo, a small green plant and a large hanging plant inside .  outside I have a cactus Rosemary hydrangea and geranium. Since I have no yard this is my yard.   I also have a hummingbird feeder and a hanging bird bath. The plants and feeders bring me joy. As well as entertainment for the cats! Thanks again for your wonderful share. Off to meditation. If you get a chance tune in between 10 to 6. That’s an 8 hour at San Diego. Love to you Mike and Abby carolynn

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  3. Thanks for this, PJ! “To a plant, the timing is just right” will be my new mantra. Our daffodils popped up 3 weeks ago and I said “No!” instead of “Hello!” I’ll remember this (I hope) about everything in life: “The timing is just right!”


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