Tree Fairy Tales for the your holidays…..

A little Tree Fairy kept me grounded through a month of windstorms, power outages, health challenges for both Mike and I,  and the usual “what do we want to do about Christmas”.  I shared her through a series of stories on social media. For those who do not interact with me on social media, I want to share her here and hope you find her to be a bit of delight in your life.

She and I wish for you Happy Holidays! Happy Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Hearts!

Tree Fairy came to me with her little potted tree, which I offered to decorate, but she ONLY wanted candles, no other decorations. She was VERY particular!

I don’t argue with fairies.

The next day she comes back and wants me to decorate a big deciduous tree, saying they’re the ones needing color in winter and mumbling something about people decorating conifers, already green & pretty.

I told her the Alders and Big Leaf Maples here were too tall to decorate. She gave me a cross look. .

I decorated an alder for her.

Tree Fairy loves her trees but can be very grumpy about people.

On December 9th I told Tree Fairy about Worldwide Candle Lighting Day. She became very sad thinking of young children who have died. She doesn’t tolerate adults well, but she loves children, helping them when she can.

She went and got a very large candle (for her, she’s only 3 1/2″ tall), then left to go into the woods to light her candle and be with her beloved trees.

She too has lost many loved ones this year. .

She told me the souls of all little ones who die, of any species, go to a beautiful forest in a heavenly world. I don’t know how she knows this.

Tree Fairy did not return until Friday when she came to say Happy Solstice! In good spirits, she looks forward to the coming light, knowing her beloved trees will appreciate the longer days, some already budding in anticipation. She brought some friends (not sure who they are, seemed rude to ask, I believe they are tiny seed fairies). .

She’s returned to her trees, we’ve had wind storm after wind storm, she wants to help those who got hurt.

She is happiest amongst her trees, she said come visit wherever you go to be with trees. She loves people who love her trees.

Those that don’t. Well, a cross fairy has her ways…….she is a warrior!

To see more of my recent and seasonal botanical creations check out page two of “Flora Mandalas”

3 thoughts on “Tree Fairy Tales for the your holidays…..

  1. I love all the little tree fairy decorations and your story about tree fairies. I think I told you my second mother who is my Aunt Maye mom sister adopted me as her daughter too.  When I visited her in Oregon we would take  long walks everyday. And she told me that any time it rained the Pixies, hopefully related to the fairies , would hide under Queen Anne lace. I actually believe get even though I was nine. I kind of remember they actually had some umbrellas with them. Wishing you and Mike and Abby a blessed Christmas. Love Carolynn

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  2. My heart goes out to your friends and their family. I hope, if they read this, they click on the link for Compassionate Friends, they may find some support and understanding there.


  3. Oh, dear Penney:
    Thank you so very much for sharing your Tree Fairy. I am sending to other dear friends whose beloved full-term grandson Raffa died just before he was delivered into this world, a few months ago. Your words & the mandala for “little ones” is heart-food.
    💖 💖 💖

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