we took a one day vacation early in Sept. It was wonderful. It wasn’t enough.


Back in July, with a diagnosis of a cancer reoccurrence, I wrote in my last blog post I wasn’t sure if I would be writing on my blog any more – if, when, or about what.

I still wonder.

But I did write a page, which you can chose to read or not, which is why it is not a post. I do not want this blog to become yet another  “cancer blog”. The page is me mulling over my observations of how others respond when they learn I have cancer. Maybe you will find it helpful, not for me necessarily, but for anyone you may know who has cancer or any other serious health challenge, or is going through another type of life trauma.

It is a long piece and includes my “cancer story”. Hopefully it has a bit of wry humor.

Here is the link to the page: Mulling Over Life With Cancer

It begins with me staring out the window at a flicker. I hope if I do write again I get back to my ‘roots’ here on my blog and write about Nature. In the meantime, as I wrote below, you are invited to explore the menu on the right to read past posts – 8 years of – wanderings, stories, thoughts, my “mullings” over life, and my love of Nature.  Some are informative, some entertaining,  I hope you find a few of interest to you.  There are also pages to be checked out, see the menu at the top.

Love to you.