Two sides of an ocean visit

We went to the ocean for a few days. It is always awesome and breath taking, the power of the waves, the vastness of the ocean view. But our short visit ended on a sour note as we took a walk before heading home.

This is looking into a pile of plastic we picked up off the beach during a short walk, maybe 30 minutes. The entire tide line had small bits and pieces of plastic, including tiny transparent plastic pellets, the size of fish eggs. The fish who got those in their body didn’t likely set any eggs.

It was appalling, though not surprising. Until there is conscious raising on a large scale, political action and corporate transformation, this is how the ocean will continue to look, and life in it continue to die.

But every small action helps, every person who makes a decision about their use of plastic, every day, adds up. It isn’t always easy, I abhor plastic, don’t chose it when and wherever possible, but due to health and medical needs, it still makes it into our household. I’m grateful for companies like Wild Carrot Herbals, who switched from plastic lids on their glass jars to made in USA recycled metal lids. An organic cotton sweater I ordered from United By Blue for Mike for Christmas came in a cardboard box, no plastic bag or tape, and they donate to organizations that clean up waterways and the ocean. (Go to their web site and read the section “we quit” to educate yourself about plastic packaging). Every company that makes the effort to eliminate plastic deserves support and business. One way to learn about such companies is here:

Switching from plastic to metal, paper, bamboo, etc. is one way to keep plastics out of the environment, using and purchasing less overall is equally important to reduce other types of pollutants in the environment. But that’s another soapbox for another time!

The famous “tree of life” at Kalaloch campground beach is slipping and sinking. Still amazing considering a spring runs out under it!

One thought on “Two sides of an ocean visit

  1. Thank you for the reminder about plastic. Seems to be everywhere in our lives. Hopefully some day he can outlaw plastic and make our world a better place. CarolynnSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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