Nature’s Healing Gift-Spring!

In the northern hemisphere today we celebrate the earliest spring equinox since 1896. When I read that yesterday it felt like a little gift. To receive the healing benefits of spring early is much needed this year.

Spring won’t eradicate the current dreaded corona virus that has changed the lives of nearly everyone (if not yours, you are blessed to live under your rock, or maybe you’re in a cave) nor will it remove corrupt governments, cure cancer, or bring economic stability. But Spring does bring unavoidable signs of life moving forward. 

Nature shows us there are cycles to everything as she begins the season of bird songs, vivid new green growth on trees and bushes, buds opening to colorful blooms that will become nourishing seeds and fruits to share with birds and animals. We can partake of her vitality, an effective mood lifter and immune booster. She shows us there is life on the other side of dark times as another cycle of life begins. She too has been altered, beaten up, changed, she has had her losses, yet she returns to her cycles, creates new life year after year, even while acknowledging the losses. 

Here in the woods fresh green leaves on blackberry vines will cover hundreds of dead, brown, sword ferns, killed by an opportunistic pathogen that took advantage of unprecedented drought over the past years. Woodpeckers will hollow out nesting cavities in dead and dying trees that are full of easy to gather nutritious bugs to feed their young. There will be cleaning out of old nests and underground dens of old debris. The ground is scattered with chunks of moss, lichen covered branches, and twigs blown down by winter storms, materials for new nests. 

We were told by a health care provider a few weeks ago to “self-isolate”, now it’s called “shelter-in-place” and it’s been mandated. A few critical medical appointments related to cancer follow-up will be our only ventures out in the near future, whatever “near future” means these days. It’s a evolving new world.

We are grateful to be in the woods, the noisy road is a bit quieter, nettles are perfect for eating, the longer days give more opportunity for walks in the woods. My prayer and wish for each of you is that where ever you may be you can find a way to be nourished by Nature through these difficult times of unknown.


this is called Dead Nettle, also called Archangel as it blooms around the time of an ancient celebration honoring Archangel Michael. Not a nettle, it is in the mint family. A very early spring green, the leaves can be added to salads or stir fries. It is most edible early in season, as plants mature the steams can get stringy.

Maybe you are fortunate and have a yard or nearby park to be outdoors, even a flower pot with emerging bulbs or bush with new leaves unfolding can bring into your life the soul healing benefits of Nature. Everywhere there are birds, with their spring songs staking out territory, wooing mates, or proclaiming “life is good, we made it through another winter, another time of darkness”. 

(here in the Pacific Time zone spring arrives officially at 9:49 pm)



6 thoughts on “Nature’s Healing Gift-Spring!

  1. Happy Spring Dear Penney:
    We awakened to snow in southern Utah this morning. It was gone by afternoon. So, a “Spring in Utah” kind of day – when nothing else feels “typical.” Your post reminds & comforts: the more spacious view of cycles than is lately easy to sustain.
    Thank you for reaching out with your beauteous words & images. We’ve had the good fortune to savor your artistry in the kitchen 😋
    Even from afar you serve up yummy-deluxe heart-food & we are grateful.

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  2. Praises for this timely offering, dear Penney. I feel like I just had a walk with you through
    your woods, awakening with wonderful songs, colors and textures!
    Your pictures are the best!

    Thank you.
    Prayers for wellness and contentment in your green grotto…
    Love and Light,

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  3. Beautiful words and pictures Penney. I have a mini garden on my deck. And a park nearby that I can walk. Spring brings hope.   I am trying to think of this is a long retreat. We can use this time to be more spiritual with readings and meditation.Knowing that Master is by our side through thick and thin. Again thank you for sharing nature photos. Sending you and Mike love and healing prayers. And Miss Abby too.    Love  Your sister    Carolynn A small bonus is that the shutdown is helping Mother nature with less pollution, etc.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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