I’m rather self conscious about my doodling, mostly a private creative outlet for me.  An artist friend refers to my ‘style’ as ‘primitive art’, but the well known primitive artists I’m familiar with (think Grandma Moses) are not this primitive!  I’ll stick to the term ‘doodles’.  I’ve always doodled… many doodlers, I’d doodle while on the phone, sitting in meetings, and so forth.  Several years ago, while healing, I needed more color in my life and decided to take doodling ‘seriously’.  Using colored pencils, I began with the geometric designs I call ‘color doodles’ then started more ‘free hand’ doodling.

For those who say they have no artistic talent, I ask… you doodle?   Do not confuse creativity with artistic skill, creativity is something we innately have, a part of us that needs expression.  There are many closet doodlers and I encourage you to come out of the closet!  Perhaps that is why I share these few doodles!

A few winters ago, a fractured knee made sitting at a table or desk difficult. Couch bound with my stiff braced leg, I found drawing on an iPad is a great place to doodle!

Click to begin the slide show and enjoy the color and whimsy!

4 thoughts on “Doodles

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  3. Laura you are amazing! Thank you for your comments, makes the long hours of setting this new blog up worth it….judging by your comments I think you should have your own blog!

    You can have any photo or picture you want to put on your iPad, I can email you anything and you can use it. I should show you mine, I made some of those pics specifically to use as wall paper.


  4. Could you please add two Valentine Rose cards to my order?
    Also, are the iPad doodles available in print form or to purchase as an iPad picture? I have an iPad.


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