Dale and Mom and everything that shines!

IMG_2430For those in the Pacific Northwest, Dale Chihuly is a ‘home-town boy’ (Tacoma to be specific) who has done much to promote the arts, mostly glass art, his own passion. He encourages public access to the arts through the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, tours of the Pilchuck Glass School, and the Chihuly Garden and Glass at the Seattle Center.

IMG_2540Besides founding the Pilchuck School of glass that has resulted in the NW having more glass artists then Venice, he created of a program in Tacoma called the Hilltop Glass Program, giving at-risk youths a creative outlet by learning to blow glass. He also created Seniors Making Art, programs to benefit the elderly throughout the NW. There is a program here on the Olympic Peninsula.

IMG_2492Chihuly is generous in many ways, supporting museums, art centers, hospitals, schools and health programs, nearly all in the Northwest. He does not list these charitable contributions on his website. His glass he promotes, his philanthropy he does not. (1)

IMG_2525To the world of art, Chihuly’s unique, bold style of creating glass sculptures changed what it means to be a glass artist. He broadened the definition of art glass, he installed outdoor sculptures in public places around the world, he raised eyebrows both with his art style and his personal style. And he captured the attention of our Mom!

IMG_2541Mom loved Chihuly Glass, and was fascinated by the man. She watched (many times!) all the PBS documentaries on Chihuly and his glass. She would tell a story of her and Dad going to Pilchuck many years ago and Dad getting to blow glass. I don’t know if that part is true, but in keeping with Chihuly’s passion for making art accessible and encouraging others to do art, tours are offered at Pilchuck.

When Chihuly began designing, and then building, the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit at the Seattle Center, which to Mom, living on Queen Anne hill in Seattle, was ‘in her backyard’, she read about it with interest in the local paper, following the progress of the project, and anticipating it’s opening.


The Space Needle towers over Chilhuly’s version of a Glass House. In the Hall is a wonderful photo display of Glass buildings throughout history and around the world.

It opened May 2012, the month Mom’s life and mind began to unravel due to Alzheimer’s. Up till then, though diagnosed early due to her voluntary participation in a research study called ACT at the University of Washington and Group Health, she seemed to adapt to both the lifestyle changes and cognition changes of the early stages of the disease. She told me of Chihuly’s exhibit opening, but in my scramble to enlist home care for her to keep her safe at home, while looking at long-term solutions, taking her to the Seattle Center was not on the radar. Oddly, she never mentioned it again.

IMG_2412Mom never did see Chihuly’s Seattle Center exhibit. So today, after placing her ashes next to Dad’s at Evergreen Washelli Cemetery, our family, including mom’s “adopted” family, had lunch at the Collections Cafe at Chihuly Garden and Glass, then enjoyed the classic Chihuly, larger-than-life, bold, colorful, whimsical, beautiful glass sculptures.

IMG_2465For me there were moments of sadness and regret that Mom never was able to see the displays, for she would have loved them. But I also smiled as I felt the presence of her spirit, a bit envious, but approving that we celebrated her life amongst the brilliant glass art of a “home-town” boy.

Glass ornaments by the Glass Eye Studio

Glass ornaments by the Glass Eye Studio

Mom loved not only Chihuly glass art, but any glass she found to be beautiful, including glass art by other artists, crystal, anything made of glass had the potential of appealing to her sense of aesthetics. She often gave gifts made by Seattle-based Glass Eye Studio, which uses Mt St Helen’s volcanic ash in the making of its glass. Today each person received a last gift from mom, a round glass ornament from The Glass Eye.


This playful glass ceiling at the exhibit is similar to the one on the Glass Bridge between the Washington State History Museum and the Museum of Glass. Mike and I took Mom there once, we all stood for a long time looking up, soaking up the brilliance and color, on a gray February day, mesmerized by the shapes and patterns!

There is much more to be read about Dale Chihuly, you can follow the links given above, or do a Google search, but most of all, go see the Chihuly Garden and Glass, as experiencing glass is what he wants to do.
IMG_2499And it is what Mom would want you do!


footnotes: (1) April 16, 2006 Seattle PI article


When you go to the Chihuly Garden and Glass you get a free photo with the price of your admission! Here are ‘postcards’ of some of our family taken today.
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