Were you there? Seattle World’s Fair

55 years ago today, April 21, 1962, The Seattle World’s Fair “Century 21 Exposition” opened. “Seattleites” living on the east coast at the time, our family flew west that summer to enjoy this futuristic fair of fairs. This collection of memorabilia were the treasures kept by my grandma, my mom, and me, minus my necklace and a pin, (which I can’t find but they are somewhere), and the cool pen with a moving monorail, which disappeared yrs. ago.

I have fond memories of the amazing exhibits of what scientist, engineers and dreamers thought the future would be like. There was cutting edge technology in transportation, the “home of the future” was fascinating, even future clothing fashions were on display! The message of the fair was the future is about science and it looked good! And of course there was the Space Needle, the iconic building of the future that has become the symbol of Seattle ever since.  The fair grounds were fun, clean, colorful and people came from all over the world – the famous and the royal, but mostly families like us!  It is the event that put Seattle “on the map”, so to speak.  Between visits to relatives and the Olympic Peninsula, our family attended many days.

I remember the bright turquoise hats my brothers wore with tall feathers and “Seattle World’s Fair” sewn across the front. They could be spotted in a crowd, a likely motivation for buying them!

No photos have emerged of our fair visit in the family photo archives, though I know pictures were taken. Maybe someday my brother will sort through all the slides my dad had and find our personal remembrances of this grand event.

Were you there? Share your story if so!

Below are fun links about the fair, lots of stories and the history of the fair. It was a grand event!

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