Happy 30th Katina!

To my sweet niece Katina…..From beautiful baby to beautiful bride…..with some of the people who love you. A small selection of photos of fun times.  Have a fabulous birthday celebration, may the decades ahead be as full of adventures, love and silly times as the ones behind you!  Much love to you.

(An Aunty note to others: Every summer of her growing up years Katina would come to Washington State with her family to spend several weeks. It was always a fun time, and we often had some special ‘girl’ time together.  I have oodles of photos from these summer times, many more to be scanned. They show a young girl through the years, mostly smiling and being silly, playing with, and directing plays with, her brother and cousins Kira and Raina.  There were also some moody and contemplative times.  Maybe I’ll scan those  photos for her 35th birthday! Thanks also to her mom Cinda and step-mom Linda who have shared photos over the years with me, some of which are below.)

(click on a photo to view larger or to see slide show)

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