Mercandante’s Wedding Celebration

IMG_1233Danny and Katina welcomed their guests to the Dawn Ranch Lodge, on the Russian River in Guerneville, California to celebrate and witness their wedding. The celebrations began Friday, June 6th, with an invocation and welcome cookout, followed by a concert of talented family and friends, each offering a favorite song to the bridal couple.

June 7, Wedding Day, was a beautiful sunny day. A festive mood was set by everyone making themselves flower wreaths, boutonnières or whatever they desired to wear to the wedding.  The ceremony was magical, the love and joy tangible, the banquet delicious, the dancing into the night high energy. The next day, following a blessing by the elders for Danny and Katina, and a lovely brunch, the Mercandantes rode away in a limo to their honeymoon flight to Tahiti (and have not been heard from since).  A good time was had by all. Thank you Katina and Daniel for sharing your love, for bringing together your community of family and friends that we may always have the memories of this joyous occasion to support you in your new life together.


(The best way to view the photos below is to click on the first one and view them larger, with captions. You can also roll your cursor over each picture to see captions, not all picture are captioned.)

3 thoughts on “Mercandante’s Wedding Celebration

  1. The wedding was unique and beautiful! Congratulations to the creator of this site and the great collection of pictures. Jackie


    • Thank you Jackie. I’m Katina’s paternal aunt (we’ve met!). It was indeed a delightful, lovely wedding, with a lot of thoughtfulness put into it. Glad you enjoyed the the pictures.

      Aunt Penney


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