Flora Mandalas

Loving the beauty of Nature surrounding me, my muse found an outlet to create balance in my life and share Nature’s beauty found here in the Northwest woods. First came the mandalas, then the little holiday angels (see below) followed by Floras, my little spring petal girls. Enjoy a sampler of my efforts in botanical play, some call art!

Most recent Flora Mandalas can be found on page 2: Mandalas II


Mandalas have been used throughout history in most cultures for meditations, healing, and for spiritual ceremonies. For me they remind me to focus on what is front me, whether a creative project, a mundane task, a person needing to be heard.  They remind me everything is transitory.  I create them and within hours they’ve blown away, shriveled up, been made into tea, or gone off to the compost pile! They keep me connected to Nature’s aesthetics and provide a way to share that connection with others. I also share them on Instagram, Facebook, where they often have tiny tales, or quotes, to accompany them and here on my blog.  As the seasons change I’ve discovered new treasures in the woods, give new life to the blooms in old bouquets, or fading garden flowers so I can continue to play through out the seasons with this ancient, healing art form!

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These little fairies and angels started to appear!