Turtle Travels

Welcome to Turtle Travels, a collection of pages designed to share our trips here in the Northwest with the hopes of encouraging others to travel and enjoy the diversity Nature has to offer in this small corner of the world.  I’ll be adding pages over time, transferring photos and information from my old web site “Travels with Turtle”, and adding new places as we continue to explore our own ‘back yard’!

Turtle is a hard-shelled little home we take on the road, a place to go for comfort while enjoying the wonders of Nature at a turtle’s pace!

Our Turtle is a 17′ (hitch to bumper, 9′ of living space) 2005 Escape molded fiberglass travel trailer, made in Chilliwack B.C. Canada. We were fortunate to find a previously owned Escape in it’s home territory.

Fiberglass ‘Eggs’
Before Turtle, we had a smaller molded fiberglass trailer called a Burro. We sold that 22-year-old trailer after 12 years of ownership to buy a bit more room.  If you are interested in finding more information about small, lightweight, molded fiberglass trailers, affectionately referred to as ‘eggs’ by owners, we recommend a friendly and informative forum: fiberglassrv.com.  There are many vintage molded fiberglass trailers out there in all sizes, shapes and conditions, the forum can introduce you to them.

our bumper stickers read:
“Walk in Balance” & “All Who Wander Are Not Lost”, though often we are! Our made in a Canada trailer is made at a small, family owned factory.

Follow our travels by viewing the following pages (more to come!)

Salt Creek


Mt Rainier

Olympic National Park

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