Lake Sylvia

IMG_5093A gem not far from home, Lake Sylvia State Park is in a gorgeous second-growth forest on a peaceful lake with an interesting history. A park since 1936, the land, originally homesteaded by Michael F. Luark, first white settler to “discover” the lake in the 1880s, was lived on for many generations by his descendants until it was donated to the town of Montesano, then to the state. The history of the land reflects both the logging and water-power history of the area. (The campground is not so peaceful once the weekend crowd shows up! We’ll go back again and make sure we stay only mid-week!)


IMG_2616The first of our 3 days at Lake Sylvia SP was rainy. We went into the town of Montesano, a quaint historical town we both like a lot and the county seat of  Gray’s Harbor County.  The court house, where my paternal grandparents were married in 1917, was built in 1911. It must have seemed magnificent to the young Harry, a handsome shingle weaver working in Hoquim, and his bride Alta from Dallas, OR. We’ve seen the court house many times, but never gone inside, next time we will, we were told it has beautiful murals of local history.