Salt Creek

The Campground at Salt Creek Recreation area near Joyce is one of the most beautiful spots along the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Excerpts from the Clallam County Park web site:

“The 196-acre Park includes upland forests, rocky bluffs, rocky tide pools, sand beach, Salt Creek access, campsites, and panoramic views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Crescent Bay, and Vancouver Island, British Columbia………….pursuits include tide pooling at the Tongue Point Marine Sanctuary………The area was purchased from the Federal General Services Administration after being surplussed at the end of World War II. The site was used during World War II as a harbor defense military base called Camp Hayden.”

Of course long before white folks settled in the area it had been a place of Native settlement, rich in marine foods as well as forest harvests.

The first time we camped there we watched a mother gray whale and her calf who had come into the bay for protection.  This time we watched an Eagle bring food to its fledgling in a nest at the top of a tall tree, high on top of the bluff.  It is a place brimming with Nature’s wonders!

In spite of leg pain that has left me immobile, it was a treat to hang out there for several days, enjoying the birds, listening to the tides come in and go out, and soaking up the sun.  Mike took long walks along the many trails.  Our one trip away was to see the newly liberated Elwha River, and to sell my cards to the Joyce General Store.  Mary, a rather remarkable woman who owns the store with her husband, and who works as an attorney during the week, has bought my cards for four years. I manage to get there once a year so she can replenish her supply! The packed store is a treat to wander around in, full of the usual packaged and canned foods found in a “Mom & Pop” store, as well as an eclectic collection misc. items.  It’s Mike’s ice cream bar stop! Most campers at Salt Creek Campground make at least one pilgrimage to the Joyce General Store!

Our last night on the point was accented with a howling wind storm. Winds were supposed to reach 35 mph, and I think they may have! It was also very cold, the temperature dropping drastically from the warm sunny day.  A wonderful reminder of our maritime climate!

Click the photos to enjoy slide show and view larger.  Enjoy!  And plan a trip there to treat yourself!

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